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I saw Elektra twice this past weekend and there are 2 scores i cant seem to find.

1 During the scene where all the bad guys walk into the Hands meeting room for the first time. (slow motion walk in shot)

2. The second is a nifty little tune where Elektra is doing one handed pull ups.

any info on this would be helpful.
Can you describe the songs? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
The first is most likely a movie score but the second is a techno song with no lyrics. The scene is alot like in daredevil where she trains with the sai except shes jump roping and doing one handed pull ups instead.
The score for Elektra is coming out Jan. 25th I believe. That's why none of that music is on the current soundtrack.
hi, i am looking for the song too. the song played in the first 5 mins, where she kills the guy, it sounds abit techno. it would be great if anyone knows the song. thanks
All this score music you are citing is on the score release album by Varese Sarabande Records, which is now available.

Anybody know the name of the song that is played in Elektra when she takes Mark Miller and Abby to see her old sensai at the bar when he is playing pool. It starts when they pull up in the orange truck and continues til the end of the scene in the bar. It's a rock song but I can't remember any lyrics off the top of my head.
The song is Hollow by Submersed but I think the version in the film is a remix :unsure:
where can i find this song as a single not only on the soundtrack for elektra. the song it insomnia by christophe beck