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Okay, if you're seen Charlies Angels 2, there's a scene on a ship, where they have to get into this cage thing --- yada yada yada -- but right after of course the bad guys show up and there is some whooping of ass to be had. Right when the ladies start jumping -- right as the action begins and they're rebounding off the cage, etc -- there's a snippet of a techno-esqe tune (well suited for an action scene).

I'm wondering what song that is -- I'm pretty sure it's not on the soundtrack CD.

It might be White Zombie's "More Human Than Human"

can someone tell me for sure?

The "Full Throttle Jukebox" feature on the CA: Full Throttle DVD lists this track as being "Firestarter" by Prodigy. Not sure if this is the specific track you're after, but it definitely does play from the start of the fight scene.
Please, please! Does anybody know the very short song played when Drew Barrymore's character (Dylan) is leaving the Angels...its a guitarish sounding song...very cool. HELP ME!
i listened to it (the part where she's leaving and looking at all the pics in the office) and it just sounds like the charlie's angels theme, made for the movie. if you were talking about when she was leaving and got to the bar, they were playing "sleepwalk" by santos and johnny... :unsure:
Hey- does anyone know of the pink panther song in charlies angel 2? when they were doing that dance on the stage? do tell!
the song is "the pink panther" by henry mancini; the imdb listing said that version was done by the hollywood studio orchestra...
What is the music you can hear while Demi Moore is dressing, before the final scene?

If you can, tell me what's the name of that music!

Thank you.

You mean this song?

I`ve never known a girl like you before,
Now just like in a song from days of yore,
Here you come a-knock knocking on my door,
Well I've never met a girl like you before.

You give me just a taste so I want more,
Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw,
'Cause now you got me crawling, crawling, on the floor.
And I`ve never known a girl like you before.

You made me acknowledge the devil in me
I hope to God I'm talking metaphorically,
Hope that I'm talking alegorically,
Know that I'm talking about the way I feel
And I`ve never known a girl like you before.
Never, never, never, never
Never known a girl like you before

This old town's changed so much.
Don't feel like I belong,
Too many protest singers,
Not enough protest songs.
And now you've come along,
Yes you've come along,
And I've never met a girl like you before.

It's "A Girl Like You" by Edwin Collins

:huh: Can anyone tell me the name of the piece of music which is played whne the angels are fighting maddison and o'grady ontop of the Los Angeles Theatre :huh:
;) It doesn't really have any lyrics or voice it is just instrumental and repeats itself. If you have the full throttle DVD the best place is about chapter 24 when shemus grabs dylan and throws her over the side of the building.
"Block Rockin' Beats" by The Chemical Brothers. You can hear an audio sample here, track 5.
searched everywhere, nothing here or google, kinda surprising its not on soundtrack, no lyrics, sounds similar to Prodigy - Firestarter

..but its not, not sure, never heard it before, couldnt read the dumb songs on the TV cause its not HD .. :( anyone know the name of that song on the motorcross scene?
I Checked The IMDB Fourm And They Had The Chancers!

So If It Dont Work It Says:

1st song of coal bowl - girls survey the scene and enter---White Zombie "Thunder Kiss '65"

2nd song of coal bowl - Natalie enters coal bowl via Pink---Pink "Feel Good Time"

3rd song of coal bowl - Start of the race---The Prodigy "Breathe"

But Yesh Its Worth Looking At They Have ALL The Songs

Its Realy Cool

Whats That You Got On?

HA HA Never Mind Gwen A Bees Only Know
Theres a song that plays when Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu go to the plantetarium thing and its liek high pitches ringsand then sorta techno i think....if you kno please respond thanks
There is a guitar song played while Drew Barrymore's character is packing her things and leaving her teammates behind. I couldn't find it on the link could anyone help me out here?
The only song that i can think of that is by Prodigy that has been in the Charlies Angels movies would be "Smack my Bitch Up" it was used the first one when they were fighting the "tall scary thin man (or whatever)" in the ally! Hope it helps
Are you talking about the Nickelback song "Saturday Nights right for Fighting"? If not sorry :p