Gypsy Woman


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Hi gang:

A shot in the dark, but I'm hoping y'all will be brilliant like you are and someone will find this for me.

I've been trying to figure out this song from the movie Gypsy Woman...

Saw it on TV (Movie Central in Canada has aired this a couple of times, and I think it was the last airing today...)

Slow song, female lead singer, with lyrics like
"let's drink 'til we're bruised"
It was over a romantic scene about 2/3 of the way into the movie.
I was too busy trying to remember the lyrics to remember the scene, but I'll try to catch it again someday...

the singer seemed to sound like (and move her words around like) the leader singer of "The Like" - sort of with an accent from the UK.

I only was able to tape the end credits but I can't make out the song details as well as I'd hoped:
could be entitled "Let's Go" with the singer's intials CM...
Vocals By and co-written by C___ M______
Courtesy of Sony Music Publishing Limited

(It looks like Caryl Maverick, Caryn McV or something... but again small font, small tv screen...)

been googling different combinations, not coming up with anything that closely matches.

please and thank you!
Whilst I couldn't discover the name of the song, I did find out that the singer is CERYS MATTHEWS.

It was written specifically for the movie by Scott Shields & Martin Slattery of The Mescaleros.
Oh yes sophist!

That sounds about right - as there is another name referenced in the credits under a lot of the songs that was Tymon Dogg of The Mescaleros!

Even without finding the song directly, this helps immensely, thank you!

ETA: You're brilliant, thank you! I found a sample within a few minutes after your tip - it's on her album "Cockahoop" and the track I sampled here was in fact called "Gypsy Song." I guess it was named differently in the credits, or I read the wrong song. THANK YOU!!!