The Last Minute


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Hi i've been curious about this particular song forever and was just reminded the other day when i was watching "the last minute" directed by the same guy that did blade 1. Any i bought the soundtrack not too long after buying the dvd and on the dvd in one of the menu pages and excerpt of the song is looped. the song is also played under half way through i'd say where Max Beezley's character is being photographed by the same weird but cool actor from the korn video make me bad where each of the band members has weird alien things inside of them. he plays a dr. in that and in a lot of other movies but he plays the photographer here where he gets kicked in the nuts and in the backround there is an awesome song playing that isnt on the soundtrack. i need this song desperadoley. pls message me if you have any ideas or have even seen this movie. the movie is directed by stephen norrington and is a head-trip. the song please. thanks
I'm not sure if this will help but there are two versions to this soundtrack: The UK version and the US version. The US one has: tunes called "Caracol" and "Astroglide" and the UK versions has "Livingston Buzz" by Radio Zumbido and "Deepspace 9 MM" by EL-P. Any of those could be the ones you are looking for. Both of those songs off the UK version can be found at iTunes.