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Anyone know what this song is from True Crime: Streets of L.A.? The song's chorus goes, "Nobody, nobody know ... not funny, not funny, no. Gotta have heat, 'cause the world is so cold."

I can barely make out the rest of the lyrics 'cause the .BIK format of the music files are such low quality (I'm using the PC version).

OMFG though, if anyone could tell me the name + artist of this fresh-a** song, I would be forever grateful! It's bugging the crap out of me, I can't find any info on this song anywhere else on the Net! xD
I actually found the song name! Woohoo! The song is called "Mo Money" by "Styliztik". Sounds like he's saying "Nobody, nobody no." when he's really singing, "Mo money, mo money, mo." LOL
Ah, yes, I wish I'd noticed this topic sooner, but yeah, that's it. I'm pretty sure. "True Crime" has a zillion songs, and I haven't listen to them all yet.
True Crime

Does anybody know the name of the song from the bonus movie at the end of the game? in the movie it shows the fbi guy dancing in the club then it changes to nick dancing.
Hey, does anyone know the name of the song that's being played while you fight Kim, the final boss in True Crime Streets of LA?

Just go to the soundtrack selection options and listen to them until you find the song you are looking for. They are listed by track name in three categories. "Fast action" "slow action" and "cruising".
Anyone knows where I can find the lyrics for that song? Thanx

Also, the song, along with many more, are from the Activision video game True Crimes: Streets of L.A. soundtrack, To play and get information about any song used in the game, enter the options menu on the main screen. From here enter jukebox or audio, then customize your soundtracks, and it will give information about the track.