True Crime Streets of LA


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Does anyone know the name of the song being played in the new commercial for True Crime -Streets of L.A. video game?? It's a rap song with a guy singing. Snoop Dogg (animated) is in the video game. I don't remember any of the words off hand. Any ideas??
I think you're talking about T.R.U.E. by the Pomona City Rydaz featuring BIG TRAY DEEE.
Hey go down this list of trailers and tell me which True Crime ad is playing your song. But, I am pretty sure it is the one I mentioned.
Hmmm thats odd....I listened to the trailers for True Crime -Streets of L.A. and none of them looked familiar to me. ONE of them had Snoop Dogg in it but the song was not familiar at all. It had HIM singing/rapping in it but in the commercial, I don't remember that in the song clip. Oh well. Thanks for your help!
The song in the current trailer is the "True Crime Remix" (The New West Edition) from the OST. I believe it's by two rappers named Bishop and Young Dre.

The song from the older trailer was "Don't Do The Crime" by Kam and Above The Law.
Hi! I'm simply wondering if anyone can tell me what the song is that plays during the True Crime video game commercial... it's a rap song, some lyrics include "Stash the cash", "give me all yo money, honey" and others. Thanks in advance for any help whatsoever.
It's called the "True Crime Remix" (The New West Edition), and it's on the game's soundtrack. It's performed by two rappers named Bishop and Young Dre.
What about the song that goes "It’s the truth. Crime in LA is through
the roof and they will shoot you if you come in to testify with the proof." and has stuff like "it's a livin' nightmare, and I'm still not scared" stuff. Does anyone know the name of that song?
That one is called "Tha Truth", and it's by a rapper named Bad Azz featuring E-White and Nonstop. It's not on the soundtrack CD, but it is on one of his albums (I forget which one).