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There is a new Toyota Commerical about a Nationwide Sales Event. The commercial consists of Toyota Trucks on an oval track.

There is a all instrumental song with lots of trumpets and brass playing in background.

It seems to be a popular song as I've heard it numerous times, most interesting of which was on David Letterman as Jerry Seinfeld came out.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm going to capture the commercial next time I see and post it up here. Hopefully someone will recognize it.

Thanks in advance!

Drive Safely,
I believe the version you're looking for is by Mark's from his album "Music For Courage & Confidence", Track 8. I heard this song on XM Satellite a few months back, really liked it.
Just saw a Chevy Chevrolet commercial that showed different models of cars driving around-quite a generic commercial with no plot-and the song that was playing was a very well known (but not well known to me I guess) disco-ish old school R & B tune from maybe the 60's or 70's. The song may or may not have words but the clip used for the commercial was entirely instrumental. I've heard this song several times on old school R & B radio stations and it's from around the Isley Brothers to the Earth, Wind, and Fire era. Thanks for any info...
OK-nevermind ya'll...I saw this commercial again, and I was wrong-it was Toyota instead of Chevy. Even though it was for a Toyota sale in general, they talked a lot about the Sienna or Sierra minivan. Does that help any?
Hey All,

Does anyone know the title or artist in the most recent Toyota commercial both on television and radio? It's not one specific car but all as a whole. It doesn't have any words. It's a jazz-like tune. I think it may have been in a movie I saw recently but I can't recall which one. I've been searching for it for days now with no success. Please help!