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need to find rap tune thats on the tv trailer for torque think its ludacris not sure please help going mad here trying to get it thanks
Well there isn't a whole bunch of info out there on this. No soundtrack to refrence from as near as I can tell. But here is a partial list of songs from the movie. Perhaps one of these?

Janes Addiction - True Nature
Hoobastank - Out of Control
Nickelback - Someday
Youngbloodz - lean low ft. backbone
Static-X - Push it!

I'd start with Static-X. I'd bet money it's not Janes Addiction or Nickelback. Let us know how it turns out
thanks none of them on sky tv about 10 second ad sounds like ludacris but not sure witch 1 :rolleyes: if you see it and know what i mean please let me know thanks
still none of them its on about a 10 second tv trailer lryics you can here are to all the bootyshackers and the money makers . if thats any use to you might give it up as a bad joke if cant find it over weakend thanks for your help anyway cheers
It sounds a little like the song I've been looking for....I thought it was an Ice Cube song...
Those lyrics are to an Ice Cube rap called "Get Ignit"
Hi everyone !

this is my 1st post on this board

im 17yrs of age and am from India

well i hv a request to identify a song

its from the trailer of the movie TORQUE

u can download the trailer here(right click save target as)

i want to know the last song of the trailer (its in the end after the camera goes inside the bike's engine, etc)

i will be very happy if some one tells me the song


PS : i know there is a same named topic but i had to post new topic to get more new replies .. sorry if i did something wrong :(
It's not a problem to start a new topic on the same movie trailer, if it's requesting a different song. However, if it's for the same song as requested by someone else in an older thread... when you add a reply to an older thread, it will refresh the post and bring it back to the top of the list and more people will see it.

As for the trailer, I assume you checked the previous thread on the TORQUE trailer? Were any of the songs listed there the one you're curious about?
hehe thanks for the reply but i know that if i post there the topic gets refreshed but since my request is for other song so i posted new topic, i just ask if i did the right thing coz some forums hv different rules which i dont bother to read and it ends one's account ^^

well that earlier thread was for some rap song , and i gave the link to the trailer , my song is different , i checked the song listed in that thread to confirm but none of them matches .. so pls anyone who is familiar with that theme .. pls let me know :)

thanks again :)
well ? :(

<------------- atleast reply for this cute cat ? :)

Sorry, I listened to the music and didn't know what it was. Give it some time, maybe someone else will know. :)
wow michelle thanks for the another instant reply

but i think i hv to aplogize here

im really sorry, i missed the post by givemfitz where he mentioned the name of the song which i want .. chinese burn (lunatic calm remix) curve

sorry again for this topic , and for waste of time .. but i think wat confused me was the song name b4 the artist.. i think he should'd wrote "Curve - chinese burn (lunatic calm remix)"

but anyways thanks to givemfitz who mentioned the song there :D

and thanks again michelle for ur replies

:) sue me. :lol: That was a copy/paste from the website. :p