Whats the music playing in like the first 5 seconds with jamie foxx talking? My guess would be a score cue but if anyone knows if its a song from something else itd make my day.
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sorry bout that...tried...

Good luck finding the music :)
So.... if you guys could tell me what the music is playing at the last half. It seems like a neasy melody of violins...

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The most recent trailers for Stealth have a very upbeat dance-like song, with the words Push It, as they dogfight. Any help?
I just taped part of this trailer because the music sounded familiar. Turns out, its the last 40 seconds or so from the song "Hot Ride" by Prodigy off their album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.

Prodigy has some other great songs, if you're into this one!

OK, I am really going nuts trying to find this song. I first heard it on the radio on a rock station and now most recently heard it on a TV ad for the movie Stealth. It plays at the very beginning of the commercial and is just a guitar at first but then a guy starts singing. It's really hard to make out what he's saying but some of it goes "Ahhhhhhh say that I want you, ahhhhhhh say that I need you."

Does anyone have ANY idea what this song is? I'm at my wits end.
That would be Kasabian in "Club Foot" also featured in a recent Pontiac commerical.

Trailer # 2

01.) Far Away Land - Trevor Morris
02.) Frantic Chase - Pfeifer Bros
03.) Aggressive Pilot - James Dooley
04.) Coliseum Drums 17 - Robert Etoll
05.) Big Doom - Robert Etoll
06.) Straight Ahead - Future World Music
07.) Short Fuse - Brand X Music
08.) Shattered 1 - Video Helper Music
09.) Deja Vu - Brand X Music
10.) Captured Rise - Pfeifer Bros Music
11.) Dark Lord Dogma - Pfeifer Bros Music
12.) Transformation Rise - Pfeifer Bros Music
13.) Warlord - Brand X Music
14.) Up & Out - Siren Cues
15.) Cavernous Hits # 4 - Robert Etoll
16.) Scathing Rise - Pfeifer Bros Music