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What's up everybody, i'm new here but i'm hoping any of you can help me the trailer for the new movie torque, theres this fast breakbeat song playing in the background and i REALLY want to know the name of that song and who does it, i've been looking every where for it. Any help would be appreciated, thanx!
I have my own Torque question.

I saw a Torque TV spot that featured music that I'm pretty sure was Ice Cube. I just don't know what song it was. I haven't been able to find the trailer online that has it, though. I'm just going to hope that one of you out there knows what I'm talking about. So if anyone could tell me which Ice Cube song it was, I'd be much obliged...
If you go to the official website and watch the trailer from there, it's the song that plays at the very was also the same song used in the first X-men movie trailer. Can anyone help?!
YESS!!! that's the one.....i love that damn song,thanx for the help you guys! =)