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Hi everybody, I have always had a strange obsession with the type of minor choral music so often used in movie trailers, and I was wondering if anybody knew the choir music used in the trailer for the movie "The Krays"? I have definetely heard it used before, but I can't remember where. Any help would be appreciated.
I watched the trailer (click on "watch preview") and the song is familiar but I'm not good with my Operas... Someone else will probably recognize it.
This song is used in a sort of old commercial for Six Flags to show how scary the roller coasters are. It's been used in tons of movies, and on a few movie trailers but FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT!!!

Anywho, it's this haunting opera chorus that's like screaming the words. And it's NOT O FORTUNA!, I am POSITIVE it is not O Fortuna!. People have been trying to figure this out FOREVER on this site but they cannot properly describe it, and I am having a difficult time trying, too. It was used on an ad for Cartoon Network's Theatre for "Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers." In the song, the chorus sings two notes, the first higher than the second, and then repeats this twice. After they sing these six note (high note, lower note, high note, lower note, high note, lower note) as I have said they sing three notes ascending in pitch. So it sounds some what like this: high note, lower note, high note, lower note, high note, lower note, note, higher note, higher note. And the notes are accentuated like this: FIRST second THIRD fourth FIFTH sixth, etc. I HOPE THIS RIDICULOUS EXPLANATION HELPS... It would help me and many others. BUT I AM POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE, it is not O Fortuna, which is also a great piece. This unknown one that I speak of definitely has the creepier edge, though.
It sounds like you're talking about music from E.S. Posthumus. Check out a track entitled, "Nara". I hope this helped.

By the way, your description of the music is the most insane thing I've ever read.
:D Sorry, it's not "Nara" by Posthumus. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I'm taking any suggestions I get... How is this such a POPULAR song yet no one seems to know the name of it? NO-ONE!!!

Thanks again!
I don't know the ads in question but aside from O Fortuna the only other creepy classical i know of is Tocatta and Fufue in d Minor by JS Bach. And this song title does seem to be difficult to find for an widely used song
I managed to find the toon he was referring to: Friday in Hell

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, there are whole chunks of people devoted to finding out this piece of music. The bad news? No one knows what the hell it is. It was most famously used in the trailer for the films The Krays, and has been researched by several people looking for it on Google Answers. I've e-mailed the only address I could find listed for him (frank @ in an effort to see if he remembers what it is.

More if he responds (though I'd look for more current addresses if you can find them).

Yes, that's it!!! Why is it that this is such a popular piece of music and no one knows the name? That's odd... Like Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor, it's probably the name of the key and the type of song it is, like Operetta No. 04 in C. Sheesh... I wish the composers gave them a technical name AND a cool name... It would be much easier. :blink:
Actually, the Immediate Music track is called "Hunt Of The Hurons" and no, it isn't. It has a similar introduction to the choral piece, though.

And, besides, as far as I know, Immediate Music didn't exist back when the Krays was put out. I could be wrong, though. In any case, that track isn't the right one. Good try, though.

Ah yes, this old friend. I have also searched high and low and came up with nothing. Could anyone remember another instance where this was used? The writer of this thread mentioned severa movies, could anybody name one? I will also continue to search.
It sounds like something from "The Omen" but may actually be from an earlier Jerry Goldsmith score, "Warlock" (which sells for around $80 if you can find it.)
I'm positive this music has been used in various commercials over the years. Think around football season...usually in slo-mo ads...
My father has this piece of music somewhere in his extensive collection. I will look for it this weekend, keep your fingers crossed!
Hey man Is the music like words or is it like a opera Chanting ?? and is it like old or new to the world?
This is nuts. We've all heard that piece of music before like a zillion times. It's gonna be really simple and then we're all gonna kill ourselves. Wait a minute! I got an idea. It was used in an old Sega Saturn Dracula game. I think I can track it down...
No one let this thread die out!!! My Dad suggested the music was from "The Mission" starring DeNiro and some are crediting Michael Kamen (composer "The Krays") with the track. I didn't have any luck researching either, but perhaps someone else might?