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Hey there,

just wondering if anyone knows the name of the pretty song in the new anti smoking commercial that has a woman in a grim reaper costume.
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Was this a "Truth" anti-smoking commercial or by someone else? When/where did you see it? Do you remember anything else about the ad or the music used?
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I know the commercial you are talking about i saw it on thursday. if i see it again ill for sure let you know!
ANSWER - Re: "Grim Reaper" anti smoking

She's covering "Brahms Lullaby," a famous 19th century lullaby by Johannes Brahms.

The singer's name is Suzanne Santo. She's the lead singer for the band honeyhoney, which are amazing.

They're also on iTunes.

Hey for anyone who is looking for the "grim reaper's" brahms lullbay, honeyhoney is letting you download it for free from their website, this week only! hope that help anyone looking for this song.
Help please. I would love to find and buy this song. Suzanne Santos' voice and skill are stunning.

I'm unable to find Suzanne Santo's Brahms Lullaby anywhere. I've Googled, searched iTunes and perused the HoneyHoney website. I've searched for the song title, by Suzanne Santo's name and by the group name Honey Honey. Thoughts?Direction? A definite link?