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Does anyone know the name of the promo song that played on TNT tonight (11/1) at 8:15 east coast time during a break in Law & Order. I'm not sure whether it was promoting L&O or Without a Trace. The singer is female.
Thanks leone !!!

Yes, it's the song. I've written to several message boards and no one else was able to give me the answer.

who knows the name of the band who sings the song for the tnt drama ad? it's not the muse, i know that one, but the one with the female singer, sounds kinda like evenesance? please help! thanks
yes, thank you very much leone. everytime i hear it on the radio or tv, they never say who that is, thanks again!
I was wondering if anyone might know of an older song that TNT used for a preview of a show they were to air. Not sure of the lyrics, or of the show that they were going to air... but here's my best. It was a female voice, sorta poppy, she had a bit of an English accent and you couldn't really understand what she's saying unless you really listened. (aka needle in a haystack?)

I know that TNT has used other songs like:
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold :: Preview of Bloodwork
Muse - Hysteria :: "What is Drama" theme
Seal - Waiting for You :: "Drama is Law & Order" theme

I recently heard the song while I was at the dentist's office and was getting ready to leave, and was trying to catch some of the lyrics over the noise of the traffic outside and such, and caught a few words. Upon walking out of the office, I was caught up in a conversation and those few words have gone from my mind..
( ARRGH!! ) So, before I go crazy... thought I'd ask here :)

Thanks in advance,

P.S. It's not Tahiti 80 ;)
Yep, that would be it.

24 by Jem.

Geez, seems there were quite a few posts already... Must have been using the wrong words when I did the search... :unsure:

Thanks sophist