1. T

    Good Behavior

    Anyone know what the song in the background is?
  2. N

    TNT series promo 2015

  3. C

    Falling Skies

    Falling Skies Season 3 "Scorched Earth" Trailer Song?
  4. T


    In the last 2 minutes of episode 1 of Perception, Eric McCormack explains how treating someone's mental disorder could mean robbing away what makes them special. What is the music that plays in the background? :eek:
  5. A

    NBA All-Star 2011

    If you reply i can send you an email with the video of the comercial, cause i dont know if i can do this on this site im new to it... In the comercial that had played on TBS when i was watching Bedtime Stories i heard the music for a song that i have been really anxious to find the name of... i...
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    TNT 2009 NBA Playoffs "Chess"

    Hey guys, Any ideas to what the song in this commercial is? thanks
  7. N

    Memphis Beat

    This is a new show. Only about 2 episodes have been broadcast, so far. The song I am looking for is heard in both the broadcast episodes and the ads for the show, too. The tag line goes "Bang bang, bang bang. Vamanos! Vamanos!". I've heard it before, but I can't place where or who did it...
  8. F

    NBA All-Star 2010

    Hi i was just watching fast and furious on TNT and they had a commercial for the 2010 NBA All Star game and they had a song playing and a guy dancing and what not that sounded like Usher and i was really hoping someone could help me out and tell me what song that was playing during that , thank...
  9. W

    Men of a Certain Age

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Ray Romano was singing along with in the car while they were waiting on Scott Bakula near the beginning of the show?
  10. A

    Men of a Certain Age

    The t.v show is yet to premier however in one of the commercials I saw on TNT channel they used a background song I believe from the 80's. Can't recall what they were singing, it was a man's voice followed by a chorus (also men voices). If anyone has seen the commercial of the t.v show and know...
  11. D

    Dark Blue

    The episode is called "Purity." The song plays as Jamie dances while Dean watches. Sorry but I don't have a link where you can just see that part but you can try watching the episode on TNT's site. A lot of people want to know the song;I've seen posts on IMDB,on TNT's message board,on TNT's fan...
  12. K

    Dark Blue

    Nonpoint is singing the version of In the Air Tonight on the promo for TNT's new show Dark Blue.
  13. K


    I recognized one song during the pilot - Lesson Learned by Alicia Keys feat. John Mayer, in case anyone was wondering. :) They play it twice.
  14. K


    What song is being used on the commercials promoting TNT's new show Hawthorne, with Jada Pinkett Smith?
  15. B


    Looking for the title and artist of the song being sung during the ending montage? It sounded like Willie Nelson but not sure.
  16. frau


    I saw the commercial a couple days ago and there are guitars playing in the background and I've heard the same song in a Gossip Girl commercial. Does anyone know?
  17. S

    NBA Playoffs 2009 "Where Will Amazing Happen?"

    I was hoping that someone could tell me the name of the song used in this commercial: Thanks.
  18. A

    TNT lineup

    Im wondering what song it is that plays on the new TNT commercial that has clips from all the shows (leverage, raising the bar, the closer, saving grace etc) its a male band and the lyrics start out "Im a suspect, Im a traitor..." Any help would be great thank you lots!!
  19. P

    TNT TBS NBA All-Star Game Promos

    I know I know the song from somewhere, but there are no lyrics in the ads for the upcoming NBA All-Star game. Can anyone give me song and artist? Thanks!
  20. H

    NBA on TNT

    If anyone was watching the Bulls (yay) vs. Cavs game last night, there was a song being played as half-time was ending. It was a female singer. Some of the lyrics were "go go all night"... Very sexy song!! Please, please help. Thanks so much in advance!!