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Hey, does anyone know the name of the song that plays on TNT in most of their bumper/promo ads? there are no lyrics, it's just the music playing as the announcer guy says what's coming on next, or what's going to premiere, etc. I tried doing a search of the boards, but the search option requires at least 4 letters, and there's obviously only 3 in "TNT." :0P Much appreciated!
Does anyone know the title of the song that's been playing on TNT's commercials for their shows and movies? I can't really explain any more than that but anyone who's been watching TNT recently (that is, for the last few weeks) will most likely know what I'm talking about since these commercials are played every 2 or 3 commercials breaks on the channel.

By the way, the song I am looking for is not E.S. Posthumus - Nara (although this is one of the songs that also occasionally play in their commercials, too).
"....Tonights the night the world begins again?"

And it shows images from Katrina and stuff - -that one? Usually plays when one show ends and anotehr is about to begin while credits roll on one side?

have no idea
No, there are no lyrics. I believe the entire song is instrumental. The song itself has a melancholy feel. And it has nothing to do with the hurricane. It's just the music that plays during the commercials that advertise what TNT will be showing later in the day (whether it's shows or movies).
Gorillakram, the commercial you're thinking about uses the Goo Goo Dolls' new song "Better Days". I do not know about the original commercial question. Sorry.
I'm looking for the name of the instrumental, short song that plays during TNT ads that detail what's coming on soon. I have a bad feeling about this considering this song is played so often on TNT and yet I can't find any information on what it is.

The only threads I can find that seem to talk about the same song are these two: and However, as you can see, neither have answers! :p

I recorded one of the Promos with my laptop, not sure if it's considered "file sharing" to post a link to the recorded clip. Someone get back to me on that, please. :)