tlc "bumper" music


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i searched and found a couple questions about tlc ads but i don't think they are for the same commercials i am thinking of. the ones i am thinking of are not for any specific show but the network itself, and have a red ribbon-like thing flying through a cityscape. there is another one with slightly different music that has the red ribbon thing ending up in the display screen of a digital camera. the music in both kind of sounds like the strokes, but instrumental. lots of guitars. if anyone has any insight at all, i will be very grateful. :)
a little extra info in case it helps, it looks like they do use the music in very tiny snippets at the end of some trading spaces commercials, in addition to the "flying red ribbon" spots i described earlier.
a bump, and i suppose i should clarify: when i say "it sounds like the strokes" i just mean the general style, not that i think/know it to be the strokes for a fact. tlc's website either has no information on the music used for the spots or i was not able to find such information.

anyone know the song? bueller?
I watch TLC occasionally, and all the music just sounds like generic stuff to me... But, have you tried contacting TLC and asking if they have any info on the music?