The Young Black Stallion


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I don't know if anyone's seen the commercial for "The Young Black Stallion," or if the one you've seen is the same version I've been seeing, but anyway...

Does anyone know name/title/etc. of the music they use for the commercial? I've heard that piece used in many movie commercials in the past. In fact, if I recall, it accompanied a montage that featured clips from all the movies that have won "Best Picture" during the '97 or '98 Academy Awards.

Anyone know? :D
I assume this is the trailer you are referring to?

Both "Journey of Life" by Armen Hambar and the theme from Dragonheart by Randy Edelman are used in The Young Black Stallion trailer.

You're probably looking for the Dragonheart theme (it appears in several tracks on the Dragonheart soundtrack), since it's used in many trailers.
I was watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen dvd and there was an ad for The Young Black Stallion. What was the music towards the end of it? I've heard it in other Disney ads. Thanks tons
Can you describe the music? Or mention what other movie ads you've seen it in?
The YOUNG BLACK STALLION trailer at the beggining of the Princess Diaries II DVD has this instrumental song I've heard before in various trailers. Does anyone know the title of it and/or where I can find it?

Does anyone know the name of the song used in the beginning of the Young Black Stallion trailer? I know that the song used in the second part is called the "Dragonheart Theme", but I'd like to find the name of the song before that.

It's not really instrumental, but I don't think it has exact words either (at least not in English). It has voices to it that sound very 'airy', soft, and flowing... if that makes sense. The song sounds very Arabic.

Sorry that I can't describe it well, but if anyone thinks that they may know the name of the song, please let me know!