The Talented Mr. Ripley


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Do you know what song/classical piece Matt Damon (Tom Ripley) is playing on the piano towards the END of the movie when he is talking to his friend in his apartment? He is playing this classical piece, and while he is playing he talks about locking up his past and demons and darkness and giving someone the key...please help me Ive tried IMDb and the towerrecord samples!

Once again, the song Damon plays towards the end on the piano (classical piece) .

Anyone who has the answer is an angel of mercy.

Thank you so much
You can check the soundtrack listing here. Usually listed in order of appearance.
i haven't seen the movie in a while, but try the 2nd movement from the piano quartet in e-flat major, opus 16 by beethoven, as listed at

link to audio, track #19

i'd have to hear it again to tell...but something in my memory tells me that the beethoven piece was from the beginning of the movie, and the song you're talking about could have a chance at being a chopin piece...? :ermm: