The Stepford Wives


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If anyone here as seen "The Stepford Wives" you may remember the dramatic music in the opening credits. I just keep wondering where THE SOUNDTRACK is for this movie. Its one of the only movies i can recall that hadnt had a soundtrack. Can anyone help me with the music in the opening shot.
The 1975 original? Well, I didn't find any info on a soundtrack, but I found that Michael Small did original music for the movie... I don't know if that helps any though... :unsure:
Ah, okay then...

Look here, scroll down to "Original Music by" -- maybe that will give you some leads. :unsure:
Where though can i download the score? It will be hard to find wont it?
Sorry, this isn't a Forum for trading MP3 files or tips. Please review our Forum Rules.

As far I can tell there is no soundtrack or score available for the movie, so there really wouldn't be anything for you to download anyway. I have no idea if there are any plans in the future to release the soundtrack/score.
Hi, anyone know the soundtrack of "the stepford wives" with Nicole Kidman

Thank you.
I was wondering if anybody could find the name of the song when Mike does "Stepford and you"... either that or some song like that, like some corny 60's informercial song. I was also wondering if anybody knew the name of the theme song from The Stepford Wives (the newer one).
Just watched that last night and returned it today. I will try to remember.