Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith


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Ok, If you havent seen the movie dont read this:

In the beginning of EPIII right after the opening crawl, the camera pans down and we see the republic ships... And then there are these beating drums before we hear the theme as Anakin and Obi Wan fight in space...

Where can I find those drums???? They arent on the EPIII soundtrack I dont think... can anyone help me?
I don't recall exactly what the drums sounded like in the movie, but there are drums on the first track of the soundtrack. At about the 3 and a half minute point of track 1. But that might not be the one you are looking for...this is just a guess.

I've noticed that Williams keeps a lot of musical cues out of his single disk releases and eventually releases a 2 disk soundtrack for his Star Wars movies. So if that musical cue is not on this single disk it might be released with a 2 disk.
first of all the search did not come up with anything about what im asking here.

basically i just want to know what the track that plays at the very beginning is called.

i am talking about the music that is playing right after the opening scene when anakin and obi-wan in their fighters come on screen flying around that big republic ship. it's all before any of the fighting starts.

i think it is ALSO the same music (at least the melody) that plays when they are trying to land that half ship of theirs on coruscant. heading for the air strip.

AND i think it is also the same music that plays just before the credits when luke is handed over to that woman (dunno the names) and they are all facing the sunset.

only seen the movie twice so it is kinda hard to remember if it is exactly the same music in all those 3 scenes. hopefully i'm right.

i think this same theme was actually used in all the 3 prequels.

any help would be greately appreciated.
I think you mean "the Force" theme, although in ROTS, it's also used a some kind of theme for Obi-Wan.
This is one of the only themes you can hear in all the six movies ... (like the binary sunset in A New Hope...)
You might also want to check the audio samples from the Soundtrack. If all else fails, the folks at Forums (Film Music category) can surely help you out.
Anakin sheds a tear while looking out on the planet Mustafar after he slaughters the separatists, what is the music that plays..... the music has trumpets at the end of the scene
What is the cue playing when one of the clone troopers are on the walkers and one says 'all these wookies are dead'? Is there a version that I can download this is the exact version used in the film?
Battle of the Heroes?? Not sure, if this is at the beginning then it might be it. Let me know/pm...
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Whats the name of the song that plays at this time!!!
I believe its on EP2 Soundtrack, it's part of it from Love, Pledge and the Arena. However i have the music that plays when Anakin marches to the temple with the clone troopers, but it has the sfx in it, so if you want it pm me. However if you can get rid of the sfx please let me know.