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This is some kind of techno song in the new commercial for The Real World Austin, the one that keeps saying "This is no ___", with different words being put at the end of the sentence. Does anyone know what this is?
Does anyone know the guy singing & playing the guitar in the promos for Real World: Austin? The songs were most likely written for the promos, but i find it a bit catchy and would like to know if he's an actual musician or not.

The promos usually consist of the cast outside of the home standing, sitting, or doing something still. The guy himself wears a grey suit, playing his guitar and singing while one of the cast member is doing something according to what the short song is about.

Any help? Would be great. Thanks.
Man, every commercial I want to know is one of those shunned topics, like the Reebok one.
Seriously, everytime I see this ad I'm reminded of how much I like the song.
One last bump before you guys leave this topic for dead B)
It'll be tough to get an answer at this point, considering that the commercial no longer airs.
Never seen the ads but does it ever say "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco?"

Talking Heads "Life During Wartime"

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No, there's no lyrics in the clip, the "This is no _____" are words on a blank white screen in between clips from the season. The song itself is like an upbeat electronica song.
ive been looking for this song for so long...:( MTV doesnt even have this commercial on their site which pisses me off. If any of you find out what this song is let me know
im going to bump this one more time..i know no one knows what it is but hey il give it one more try
I actually remember this commercial but all I remember is that it was a song by Bloc Party.

Hope that helps.