The Punisher


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In the Movie, and also a trailer for the movie, a hitman named Harry Heck comes into a diner and plays a johnny cash-esque song for frank castle. Was that a song made just for the movie, or is it licensed? is it somewhere a guy like myself can get my hands on it? any help is appreciated...

Alright maybe it's not the best of movies but it can certanly entertain the action movie fans. I would like to know what is the name of the song the ''hit man from Phoenix'' sang in the restaurant (wich is also the song you hear on the DVD menu). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
Is there something IMDB don't know. Thanks for the info man I know now the song i was looking for was ''In Time'' since it's the only one performed by a person who played in the movie (Mark Collie aka Harry Heck) and this person just happen to be a country singer. thank you again.
What is that Tenor music that is played at the beginning of Family Man that he tries to sing along with. or when The Punisher Guy is being attacked by that big goon (played by the next door neighbour)

Please Help!

Thanx in advance
'La Donna e Mobile' from the opera Rigoletto by VERDI.

Listen to a sample here (Disc 2, Track 9).
in the dvd menu, and in the end of the movie, where he blows up all the cars, there's this theme played by the trumpet. anyone know whats iy called?