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I am trying to find out the name of a song from the movie Domino, it is played twice during the movie. I know it is played when they are driving through the desert in the car. It has a johnny cash feel to it with a slow beat and a deep voice from the artist.
i am also searching for some music from the domino movie, it was a spanish song that i am particularly interested in. anyone have an idea what its called?
I know the one you mean but dont know the title. I picked up on alot of music in it.

Groove Armada - "Hands Of Time"
Tom Jones - "Momma Told Me Not To Come"
Harry Gregson - Williams - Man On Fire
Nine Inch Nails - a couple songs
Bach - "St. Matthew Passion"
Macy Gray

songs i found out:
Xibit - "Chock Me, Spank Me" - "Matha Fucker" - "The Gambler"
Nitty - "Nasty Girl
thanks,! if you find out what the title of that spanish song is please please post it yeah? it was nice, i cant get it out of my head.
Harry Gregson-Williams/Carlos Varela - "Una Palabra"

first sample

That one plays in Domino a couple times, but there is definently another Spanish song that plays in Domino that is original, obviously also proformed by Carlos Varela, but its most likley original to the film. "Una Palabra" is as good as your going to get.

Let me know if that is the song.
Anybody know if any of the songs listed above is the song that's played at the very beginning during the credits...and it's played again a bit later in the movie but I forget exactly when. It's a hip-hop song and sounds kinda like Xhibit. I just want to make sure that that's the one cuz I love it!
yeah thats the spanish song i was looking for ,,thanks a whole bunch,..i really couldnt get that guys voice out of my head, its just so mellow. thanks again!!!!time to search and burn!!!
I know what you mean. I don't think the artist has done that much more stuff.
Did anyone find where they could download just that one song from the dessert scene? I looked in Itunes and Realplayer and I can't find it for download by itself.
does any one know the song that is played during the credits at the end of the movie? I thought it was amazing but I've been trying to find the name of it for a week or so, and I have had no luck. If any one knows the name of the song PLZ let me know. thanks
Hey, i was just wondering if any of you happen to know what song is playing when choco shoots the guy's arm off, and I believe it also plays during the gun scene in "the top of the world" so yeah, if any of you oculd let me know, that be great. thanks a lot. :blink:
OK, this has been driving me this trailer:

The score that you can faintly hear in the background AS WELL AS the song that you hear when the splash screen comes up at the end. What is that? They use it several times throughout the flick, like its "Domino's theme" But in the slow motion walk to the camera, right before the Fraternity house scene, they used it. Please Help!!!

The song I'm looking for is played over and over in the movie Domino. It is a rock song with no lyrics that is played when Domino and Ed are walking out of her mother's house the first day they start filming for the TV show and when they start rolling down the street in the RV. I think it's also played when Domino does her first job with the guys as they walk away from the car towards the house (I think). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oh, it's also played when they roll up to the frat house and walk in to arrest the two mob boss comes and goes throughout that whole scene.
Hey, does anyone know the name of the song that plays while Domino gives the guy from 18th street(the ganster) the lapdance? Its kind of rockish-hip-hopish. I dont know but it sounded good.