The Punisher


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Can anyone tell me the name and artist of the song from the TV ads for the Punisher movie that is coming out? At first it sounds similiar to Limp Bizkit's cover of the Who's Behind Blue Eyes but it's not that at all. Thanks.
I don't know which song you're after, but here's a list of songs used in trailers for this movie:

"A Slice of Life" - Selectracks
"Bodies" - Drowning Pool
"Maize" - X-Ray Dog
"Shanghai Suspense" - X-Ray Dog
"Tek Attack" - X-Ray Dog
I know it's not "Bodies" from Drowning Pool and it doesn't seem like it would be X-Ray dog since they would seem to be instrumental kind of stuff...might be the selectracks song. Like I said, it sounds similiar to the Limp Bizkit song and the trailer is different from the one in the theaters..this one seems a little less action oriented and more about the story.
I'm thinking he saw the same comercial as me because Behind Blue Eyes is a relatively slow, mellow song. Broken by Seether matches that closer than Step Up by Drowning Pool.
I saw the ad I think he's talking about, and he's probably thinking of Seether's Broken; ergo, Mr Awesome is likely correct...

Heh, I hadn't even listened to Behind Blue Eyes until yesterday...
Yes it is the Seether song although the version I have doesn't have Amy Lee on it (thank god). Thank you all for your help.