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hi , its me again :)

i was keen to know the soundtrack of movie "The one" of jet li

i saw the movie on TV , really liked the ending credits songs

pls let me know the name of those songs :)

thanks :)
ah .. no .. its not rap

its kinda alt. rock ,

think i'll hv to watch the movie again .. and see all the ost's ^^

thanks for the replies anyways :)
Are you talking about the song playing...just as the movie ends, and the camera pulls out while Jet Li is kicking some major ass? Because that one was Papa Roach. Not sure about while the credits are running though.
The lost boy : exactly thats the song i want to know can u name the song ? :)

thanks :)
hi givemfitz

thanks for the reply

but thats not the song i guess :(

the last resort is already with me

but i dont think this was the song whn jet li was kicking a$$e$ in that last scene (i could be wrong coz i saw movie just once .. 1 year back)

but still i believe this is not the song
It is "Last resort", but if you aren't satisfied, "Blood brothers" by Papa Roach was also in the movie.