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I saw the movie Club Dread and i am looking for the techno-type song in the end of the movie. It is played during the end credits and its like a funky, rap techno song if that makes any sense. If anyone knows the name, please let me know.

nope, its none on the soundtrack, its played during the outtakes of the ending credits.
I'm not sure... IMDb doesn't have anything listed for the soundtrack from the movie...

Do you remember any lyrics, if it had any?
actually, there were lyrics...just dont remember how it went, since i heard it while leaving the theater.
I vaguely remember the sound of it, but I was paying more attention to the outtakes.
im looking for the song that is playing after Dj Dave (Paul Soter) runs away from the group into his own room with the backup generators and he plays the song im looking for. it sounds like hiphop
here are some of the lyrics i made out
"... Jumping line, the party's bumping, i'm getting ready to turn in my bout(?), now let me hear you scream and shout, If yall feeling good tonight...