"THE ONE" jet li


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Hey i was wondering if anyone knew this song in the movie "THE ONE" featureing jet li. Its when the bad jet li/bad side of the two a lil bit before he kills the black guy, he is driving in the blue van. While hes driving in the blue van he suddenly turns on music while driving and he begins to like it, then the black guy points the gun at him telling him to keep driving. He responds by saying "why did you have to inturrupt when i finally found somthing i like". While he turned on this music listening to the song as he drove down the road before the black guy inturrupted was a sick song. Im not sure who or didnt really catch any of the lyrics, i know that it was slightly heavy. I liked it alot and hopefully somone else has the same taste and like it to and knows the artist of this song. THanx hope somone recognizes the song.
Haven't seen it, but there are a few songs listed at IMDb.com for the movie... typically in order of appearance.
i have seen the movie and its definately "Drowning pool - sinner" :D