the new american express commercial


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In the commercial the guy in a suit is sent to a rocker store, by his friends supposedly, and he finds himself lost.... well i just want to know what was that song playing in the rocker store...?
You can find all the American Express TV spots here which one do you mean?
it was none of those commercials...... <_< but i think the commercial that i'm looking for had to do with some type of gift card or something
Is that the one where the guy goes in the store, puts on headphones, and then throws them off because the music is too loud for him to handle and then he tries calling out to someone for assistance, but he can't be heard over the music and then the guy later ends up going to a classical music store with an Amex gift card? Similar to the one with the punk girl going to a women's clothing store and trying on suits before going to some punk store called Pandemonium? I definitely remember those commercials, but it's bugging me that I can't remember how the songs in those commercials go. Oh well, I'll let you know if I find anything.