The Legend of Zorro

Just wondering, if it's the part where after "Zorro" throws his hat, spinning towards that big group of people, isn't that the music from "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Just wondering if that's the part you're talking about... Because if so, then it might be on "The Pirates of the Caribbean" composed by Klaus Badelt Soundtrack. I'm actually certain it is.

- Lollipops!
No, it is not Pirates of the Caribbean. is correct. This music is from a music library and was no doubt written to SOUND very much like Pirates, but is actually not music from that film.

The middle of the trailer (after "This Fall" until boom! boom! boom!, no pun intended) is "Dark Hero" by boomerang!

The final :30 is a Custom remix of the "Pirates" Score or a Custom Knockoff. Of these two things I am positive.
Anyone know where I can find "Dark Hero"? Off a cd, or anything? I've been looking, but I've had no luck so far :(
The trailer music (especially the middle part) sounds a lot like the one used in Pirates of the Caribbean. Does anyone know what it is?

Here's the Quicktime Trailer Site

Thank you for any and all guesses/response.
has anyone come up with any ideas yet as to what the name of the pirates of the caribbean ish music thats played in the trailers for legend of zorro? as well as, who makes it and where one can get it possibly?
why does this post say answered, when it HASN'T? we still DO NOT know the name of any info of this track?
I think I found it. There is a track off the Batman Begins soundtrack that sounds very similar to the trailer. It's either Antrozous or Molossus. Both sound close, what do you guys think?
Wuts the name of the song playing in the new Zorro commercials ... its like a fast song with guitar in it , ive seen it on tv alot the past couple of days

i was thinking about this earlier lists the teaser music as being "dark hero" by Boomerang, but i can't find a sample and i do not think this is considered a teaser either. post here if you find the answer as i am curious as well
It might be a year later but just tonight I tried to find this music from the zorro's trailer and I did 5 min after I read the info from a few forums. It is unbeliavable there is not a single certain response for this question and how people have been searching for this for months with no success.
The music is exactly from the Pirates of the Caribbean 2003 and is just played at a higher pitch at one point only. You can do that with the simplest music and even movie editor. It is the last piece from the soundtrack called "He's a Pirate".

I downloaded the whole piece not just the sample and for those who still don't believe the sample trust me THAT'S IT !!!
the last piece is NOT from the soundtrack the last piece is a custom piece done by geoff zanelli, which resembles pirates of the caribbean, since he had a hand in doing additional music for the movie.