Stomp the Yard

Please can you tell me that guitar acoustic that plays when his brother dies its an awsome tune! Who plays it ?
hey...i'm wondering what the music is from the very beginning of the trailer. if u could let me know that'd be great. thanks in advance!
Does anyone know the song from the beginning of the trailer? I believe it says something to the effect:

....Make a move you ain't ready to fill my shoes
you wanna try but you ain't paid no dues....
yeah, i really want that song! i know some other lines of it: (in no particular order)

"we never lose! we never lose!"

"No pain, no gain, no i'm right in your brain"

"im gonna make your ass jump like the house of pain"

Does anybody know this song?
@KillaDilla: Get 'em! :p I'm posting on several forums and nobody knows. Please help me find it! :D
Assuming it's included in the soundtrack

Then I've narrowed it down to being either

The Deepest Hood by Al Kapone aka Kapeezy
Come On - Bonecrusher
Bounce Wit Me - R.E.D.

All the other songs listed in the soundtrack I previewed in iTunes and they weren't it.
The last 3 weren't listed so it's possible it's one of those. It's also entirely possible that
the song isn't even in the actual movie. I'll keep looking though.
Just found Bounce Wit Me and that is definitely not it.

I'll have the soundtrack by morning and I can review the other songs.
Good luck finding it! You got me hooked trying to find it too :p
umm...guyz all 3 songs in the trailer are not in the's funny but thats how it is!!!
The song at the beginning of the trailer is NOT on the soundtrack. I also listened to the soundtrack...nothin'! Argh! :angry:

On several forums they said it's Cypress Hill, so if somebody knows which song this could be... :huh:
Ok, i have no doubt that its Cypress Hill, its sounds exactly like them, but they have a tin of albums, its not going to be easy finding the right song.