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Does anybody know who sings the Nat King Cole version of "L.O.V.E." for The L Word's tv commercial? It's a woman sounding seductive (pretty sure it's not Natalie Cole's version). Thanks!
I emailed Showcase over a week ago but I have, as of yet, received no answer. Its just this awesome electric guitar during one of their spots for the L Word and I'm guessing its just a proprietary 30 second long song, but heres to hoping...
Yeah, I have been spotting that commercial too and have been wondering what is the source of that song. If anyone knows then please reply here.
hi, does anyone know who sang the song for the L word season 4 teaser 4 trailer?
i would really like to know.
Hey I was just wondering who sings the version of "I know there's something going on" currently featured in the L Word promos airing on LOGO for the past month or so. I know the original version is by Frida and there is a similar version by a band called Luxxury, but that's not it.