The Incredibles Pringles


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Yesterday I first saw the Incredibles Pringles television commercial. It contains a great "adventure" type orchestral music cue reminiscent of Willow, Rocketeer or even Indiana Jones. I have been trying to identify this cue for many years. I first heard this music about 12 years ago on a "trailer" for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Paramount), then about 5 years ago on a star trek TNG or DS9 video tv commercial at 3:00am (Paramount). So I started rewatching every Star Trek movie but I couldn't find it. Even trailer music experts couldn't identify it. Now that the cue has surfaced again, I'm still wondering if anyone can identify it as a movie cue or if it is just some random royalty-free music used by television commercial producers. In any case, I really want to identify and hear the entire piece if I can get it. Many thanks for any help!
It's not necessary to post the same question in multiple sections of the website. I have deleted the duplicate.
It's got a Superman feel to it in my opinion, but I'm not very good at recognizing movie scores... so it's just a guess. :)
Someone emailed me this question yesterday, and it's NOT Superman....

Anyone have any ideas?