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I'm looking for a song featured in the SNL short movie called "The H is O" with Will Ferral and Ben Stiller. There is a song playing during the scene where Ben S. is making kissing and being groped by Will Ferral and the lyrics are something like: "My head in your hands, I never wanted to be with you." The voice is falsetto-esque (high pitched male voice). I'll be impressed if anyone knows this as I have been trying to figure it out for quite some time.
I think I have it on tape, but I can't watch it until I go home later. I do know that Will plays Glenn Frey, so, perhaps, it's one of his songs? Anyway, I'll reply tomorrow.
Finally found the show (Alan Cumming was host). I watched it, and it is so hard to hear the lyrics, even when I turned the volume up all the way. I thought I could make out a few words, but when I searched, it didn't come up with anything. I do know that the song segues into an instrumental version of "Hotel California" and at the very end of the short, it plays a bit of Beck's "Cyanide Breathmint." Anyway, I'll keep trying and I also asked this question on the SNL board at

Yeah, it is really hard to hear. Someone from another board made out some lyrics which sound right to me..."Boxes on the porch...Taxi's sitting waiting (?) Boxes cover every little (something)" Maybe its some obscure local band because I havn't found the lyrics as of yet.