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This morning I saw a new ad (to me anyway) for the Globe and Mail newspaper here in Canada.
The ad shows different people reading the paper, and reacting to what they are reading - one guy smacks the paper while reading...

There is a down tempo electronic song playing throughout and I have yet to find the artist or title...

Does anyone know the ad I am refering to, and if so, the artist or title of the song?

This is an ad for the globe and mail, which is a canadian newspaper run out of toronto and its showing all these people feeling differnt emotions while reading their paper. The background voice says "The globe and mail, not just a paper but a conversation" or something to that extent. The song is a very light piano jazz song and if anyone, probably from canada, would know id greatly appricate it
I just saw this commercial today ... that song is amazing B)

Can someone plzzzzz find it
I have been searching for so long for this song almost 1 year to be exact but still not luck...anyone still have any ideas?
Know its a longshot, but does anyone know the song they play in the Globe and Mail commercial that plays before movies at Cineplex Galaxy theatres?

Thanks in advance!