The Girl Next Door

Hello all again! I am still on the Hunt for Alastair Binks "one fine day" but to all who have not seen my post yet. I have information on a Extra Girl next Door CD! All the great songs that should of been on the real soundtrack! Email me for details...

Take Care All and Happy Hunting!

Steven M. :huh:
I can't figure out what the song is that plays when they walk into the dance. It starts out, "I'm an outlaw..."

No that's not the song. It's the song that starts playing when they first enter the prom. The song that thread was talking about was when they were leaving the dance. The song has a hip-hop/rap vibe to it. Thanks for your help.
Does anyone know the name of the song playing when they are having sex in the limo. Thanks
Here you go...

The Artist is David Gray and the song is either "Please Forgive Me" or "Sail Away". Give them a listen, I'm positive its one of them. I think the album is "White Ladder".

hope this helps
what's the song that's played in "the girl next door" right as the prom begins? it starts before they get out of the limo. It's followed by the song lapdance by n.e.r.d. I've checked everything but can't find it. please help!
Alright. I've been searching for the first song that plays when the credits start rolling at the end. It is something like, "Maybe our love is gone to sleep" (?) and something about being gone. I own the dvd but I can't find the song title. I would greatly appriciate it if someone could help me out. Thank you. :)
i think it is "Maybe Your Gone" performed by Binocular, written by Danny Scherr
Ok.... it seems I dont have enough time to look at all those songs personally listed on Pg 1.... So it would be much easier for me to ask the question.

Ok, in the movie "The Girl Next Door".... when they were at the party that one person has already said ("about 30 minutes into the movie"), well, I am looking for the piano song.

The scene starts off with the main guy (dont know his name) is looking around after that jock told him "the part ywas full". I know the song where he is looking around, which is by Paul Haslinger. After that sequence, a guy comes up and says "I want t obang that foreign exchange student"... and then this is where my song starts. It is whe nthe Main Guy pushes the other jock out of the way and kisses Elisha Cuthbert. The song that is played during their kiss. I cant really tell if it is on the soundtrack. I tried samples on it, but I found nothing useful.

If you can tell me the piano song during them kissing, that would be great :)
Somebody know the song played on The Girl Next Door movie ?? that song like Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby i will looking for a month please help me byeee
I'm looking for the music that had been played while Matt talked about "moral-fiber".

Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre?