The Girl Next Door


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For those that have seen this movie. Which by the way is a great movie imo and i'd recommend it for those of you all that haven't seen it.
There is a song which is about love at the bottom of the ocean, any help? Thanks
Could it be "Take A Picture" by Filter? You can listen to a sample through the link. This song is also on the movie's Soundtrack. I also read that every song on the soundtrack is from the movie, so if it's not Filter, it's one of those on the album. :)
its not that song, i have that one. Thats at the part where she takes him outa school. The part where the song plays is near the end when they walk out of prom. Its a old type of song, perhaps from the 80's or 70's. Thanks thou.
I'm not sure since I haven't seen the movie. usually lists the soundtrack from movies, but doesn't have one up from this one yet.

I did just read a couple songs were left off the soundtrack I mentioned previously... How about "Under Pressure" by Queen w/ David Bowie?
I need hlep figuring out what the title of a song is in the movie. It's the one played when danielle and matthew kiss at the party and its played again at the end. Its slow and it has piano in the background and its sung by a man. Please help!
Guys im going crazy trying to find this song please please help!I'm pretty sure the song isnt on the soudntrack but its a main song in the movie. If anyone has any idea post a reply. Thanks
nope not that song either. the scene for those who have seen it recently is when they are walking out from prom.
not: take a picture - filter, under pressure - bowie, this year's love - david gray
thanks for effort
Does anyone know what song plays as the ending credits start rolling?

I was thinking of going out and buying the soundtrack, but I'm worried the song may not be on it.

Thanks in advance :D
I found this list on another message board...

David Bowie/Queen “Under Pressure”
Elliott Smith “Angeles”
Echo & the Bunnymen “The Killing Moon”
Harry Nilsson “Jump Into The Fire”
Thunderclap Newman “Something In The Air”
Filter “Take A Picture”
Overseer “Slayed”
Dilated Peoples “No Retreat”
David Gray “This Year’s Love”
Sloan “If It Feels Good Do It”
Fantastic Plastic Machine “Electric Lady Land”
Porno Sonic “Dick Dagger’s Theme”
Satchel “Suffering”
Youth of Today “Break Down The Walls”
Monster Magnet “Dopes to Infinity”
Sneaker Pimps “Spin Spin Sugar”
Pepe Deluxe “Big Muff”
Red House Painters “Song For A Blue Guitar”
2 Unlimited “Twilight Zone”
Methods of Mayhem “Get Naked”
Looper “Mondo ‘77”
Ralph Myerz “Think Twice”
B.G. The Prince Of Rap “This Beat Is Hot”
Pete Yorn “Turn of the Century”
James Gang “Funk #49”
LaBelle “Lady Marmalade”
Mogwai “Christmas Song”
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama”
Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On?”
Muddy Waters “(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man”
Groove Armada “Purple Haze”
N.E.R.D. “Lapdance”
The Verve “Lucky Man”
Josh Rouse “Sparrows Over Birminghan”
Donovan “Atlantis”
The Who “Baba O’Riley”
Binocular “Maybe You’re Gone”
Alastair Binks “One Fine Day”
does anyone know the name of the song that was played in "the girl next door" while they were in the limo having sex. thanks :)
Whats the Rap song they play when they first walk into prom?

In the movie when they walk in with the porn stars into awesome beat/rap song is played..what is it?

No its a Rap song..when they ARRIVE at prom..not when they are leaving.

Its literally when all 3 guys and 3 girls walk into goes slow mo' i think..and this song plays.

Any idea? thoughts?