The Girl Next Door

Alright i tell u what the songs name is, hehe because i was looking for that one all over the place for Dare Devil, so listen up it is

NERD- I'm an Outlaw

sry that is the rap song after it
:) so i have to know what the song is what they are dancing too, so help me out please

nevermind got it, it was the Verve Lucky Man knew i have heard it before :)
I am Look for the title of the song that is being played as they are walking into the house party near the start of the movie. if any one could help. Thanks.
Originally posted by rtrain25@May 17 2004, 05:46 PM
I am Look for the title of the song that is being played as they are walking into the house party near the start of the movie. if any one could help. Thanks.
Groove Armada “Purple Haze” is the one. They cut it up just a bit though. Enjoy.
Does anyone know the song on the "The Girl Next Door" website, goes something like "try to take my hand, we'll travel... "?

The song is Baba O'Riley(Teenage Wasteland). It is by: The Who
The lyric is actually:

Sally, take my hand
We'll travel south crossland

And unfortunately, it is not on the soundtrack, nor is any of the other good songs like; Lapdance by N.E.R.D., or Under Pressure by Queen w/David Bowie.

And I want to thank my friend Scoobie, who helped me find this information becuase I was searching for it as well. I also believe the new CSI: New York is going to use this song for their theme.
What song is playing when they are at the party and he walks over and kisses her?
Does anyone know the name of the main song of the girl next door? its the one that is played int he trailer and it is the first song in the credits. The song starts at the end of the movie and in the credits it is still playing, does anyone know the name of it?
do anyone of u out there know the song in the movie "the girl next door", do u remember the scene where daniel and mat and frens went to the party and one guy ask mat to leave and then mat just go straight to the gal and kiss her and the song came is piano song do anyone know what song is that? unfortunately that song is not in the soundtrack.....and also the last song may be u are gone u'r gone.......something like that....
the piano song was.........when u're kissing, it made me like sweet sweet.......and singing meaningless.........something like that i am crazy about this song can anybody help me? find the title and who sing this song lists the songs from the movie, usually in order of appearance in the film. Do you remember what songs came on before or after this one you heard?
in the girl next door when mathew, his friends, and the girl go to the party about 30 minutes into the movie, there a song when they first arrive at the party. it starts off like "I DECLARE WAR ON STUPIDITY" and thats all i understood. If anyone knows what the song is called can you tall me what its called please. I got the soundtrack but it wasnt on it

Can ANYONE tell me if you know the name of the song that is played when they go to the adult film convention?? It's the on where they show them "showing off", it's sorda dance/techno. :?: :?:
oh ya, i guess i forgot to let you know about the movie, but that site worked, thanx
Question: What is the song, when they are driving to Vegas
when they're in the car and calling home and friends to say that they'll be late
you can email me the answer if possible

edit: found it
thx anyway
it was 2 unlimited - twilight zone
love that song