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Ok, so ever since this game came out a few years ago, I've been dying to get a soundtrack. I'm pretty sure they don't make one, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to rip the audio from a PS2 disc. Or if someone else has already done this, can I get access to the files.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Jack Foley
Does anyone know that slow, relaxed type of beat song that's played at the main menu?
It's called "Black Monday Theme Remix" by Amon Tobin. On the official website you can listen to some of the soundtracks. I tried downloading it but it didn't come up with any good results, so I just listen to it on the website :p
i noticed that some of the songs on the getaway black monday where in the instruction book, somewhere in credits they had some of the songs they used posted. they where

black sanchez "crawling downtown"
klute "Hidden Hand"
transcargo "if only"
felix da housecat featuring miss kitten "silver screen"

and i found the main menu song which is

a1 amen tobin "the getaway black monday"

i am interested in finding all of them but they seem to be pretty rare.

i got found some of the getaway black monday songs on
(like kazaa but alot better)

if some one could help me find the soundtrack to syphon filter the omega strain, it would be greatly appreciated.
i noticed some of the music from the getaway black monday to be really depressing, i don't know if it's just me or what.

the end to the getaway black monday to me is depressing, the whole thing is depressing, all endings!

i found 2 more for the getaway black monday both performed by M Canham and
J Williams. thiers "russian theme mix" and "End Theme"

i found these on

but a better site for some of thier music would be

it has the names of the songs and the performer!

ooops double posted!!
Ok....let me specify here.....

I am in no way interested in the music from Black Monday, as I haven't played it yet and, from what I've heard, it's different in style from the first one as far as music is concerned.

The music I'm interested in obtaining is from the first one.