The Day After Tomorrow


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Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew if the very first song played in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" I've checked but there are no samples from the soundtrack, so i ahve no clue or leads, other that the song was done by Harald Kloser. Any info on this would be kindly regarded, thank you.
I just went to amazon looking for a song that plays in the opening of one of the trailers, and I believe (but not sure) that it is also the song from the beginning of the movie. The song that I was looking for was "Day After Tomorrow" composed by Harald Kloser. It's the first sample up on I managed to aquire a full version of the song, and in the beginning of the song is that female voice as heard in this trailer, then goes into what is heard in the sample on Amazon. Hopefully this is the one you're looking for. It's a pretty amazing song.
what is the name of the song and who is it by that is used in the movie the Day After Tommorrow i think the song is played at the end. anyways it is also known as the Day After Tommorrow theme. it is a orchestra/violin song it was also featured in the game Mafia at the beginning