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The US website for The Da Vinci Code is up, and I must say that it has one impressive intro on it :p

It involves flying through a bunch of da Vinci's paintings, each blending into one another, with a wonderful musical cue playing in the background. It also plays (a softer, more mellow version) on the main page. My question is : is this music on another soundtrack, or is it not available on any soundtrack ( could be one of the original scores written for the movie). I'm sorry, I didn't quite know where to put this.

The Da Vinci Code US Website

Thanks, BT7
With my microfone I taped it, so i can listen to it. The quality isn't very good, but I can send it if you want. :)
it sounds liek a song Hans Zimmer might have compsoed for the upcoming film.
Yeah, it sort of sounds Hans Zimmer-ish, so that's a definite possibility, but there's a sense of familiarity about this piece (of course, that may be because I've listened to it several hundred times), but thanks for your help so far!
I'm sorry to bring this post back up from the dead, but I have another question that's related to this.

I got the Da Vinci Code soundtrack today - very impressive, but I must say I'm a little disappointed. I've skimmed through it, and I haven't found any songs that are featured on the website yet.

This is the website, and the music featured on it (such as my earlier post for the "Da Vinci gallery" and any of the character pages ... or any background music) I have not yet found on the score. If anyone has the soundtrack and has exact track names and can match me up with some music, that would be great, because the music on the site is seriously addictive.

Even if the music on the site is different than the official score, it's all good, because Hans Zimmer did a seriously good job on this one. I especially like track 13 :lol: . Can't wait till May 19th!
Oooh I like the music on the website sooo much! :D I'm going to contact Sony about the music used on the site. I've listened to the soundtrack and I could not find it either. :(