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Towards the beginning of the movie, just after "One Year Later" shows on the bottom of the screen, Seargent Albrecht orders a footlong from a hotdog stand. A minute or two later Sarah shows up and Albrecht orders her a footlong too. There's a song playing on the hotdog vendor's radio. It's big-band, probably 1940's or so. There are no vocals, it's music only. I want to know that song. It's not on the end credits, not on the soundtrack, and not on the IMDb soundtrack listing. Any help is appreciated!
This is a fairly common song, and anybody with a knowledge of big-band tunes could probably recognize it. CLICK HERE to listen. Once you tune out the characters, you can hear quite a bit of the music...
Somebody here knows big band...I know they do :D
Did you ever find this song?
your link has expired so I couldn't check it out, and I just wondered if you found it or not.