The Comeback: Airplane


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In one episode of "The Comeback," Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) is on a plane flight on the way to some awards ceremony with the cast of her new sitcom. She and her hairstylist get first class seats but her reality show could only afford to sit in coach with the rest of the cast. So they begin filming Juna (the blond one), who Cherish is very jealous of, and her hairstylist says she'd better get the attention of the cameras before Juna can steal the show. Valerie gets up and starts dancing down the aisles from first class into coach singing some bizarre song, some of the lyrics are "work that back, work that back." I thought this was perhaps the strangest song I've ever heard (maybe due to the fact that ex-Phoebe was singing it) so I did some research and could not come up with anything. Does anyone know what this song is? No hurry, because I don't want to buy a CD of it or anything, I was just wondering what it was. :ph34r: