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Ok, I know this is not a popular film, but there's a very short cue in Leonardo DiCaprio's film The Beach that I can't figure out. I DON'T remember it beign on the song soundtrack (which I can't find at the moment) and it's not on the score. It's a stacatto electric guitar cue that is played during the scene "Rituals" on the dvd after the three newcomers are tattooed. It plays when the balloons are let go into the sky. Can anyone help me here??

I have listened to the soundtrack and I do not believe it is on there. The link you just agve me lists the soundtrack tracks and that's it. The end credits of the film list some additional music, but I have no idea which it could be, as the non-album tracks are listed after the others. I'm looking for someone who recognizes the music...

Someone else found it for me. It's from the song "Spinning Away" by Sugar Ray, but the cue in the film is a looped guitar solo from it, so that particular part is not on the cd.
:eek: So that was on the list. Glad you got it now. :D I liked that song from the movie too... played it on repeat when I first heard it.

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What is the song played when they reach the island and they are on the beach saying how beautiful it is