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Any of you fans (like me) of "The 4400" on USA Network remember the song from the first episode by a female singer. It may have been the same gal that is heard in later episodes in the theme song, but this one song is only heard on the first episode (It's toward the end of the pilot episode, after the 4400 have been released from Quarantine and are out there meeting their messed up futures). It starts off with acostic guitar and goes to vocals over a lo-fi drum pattern with a drum loop ... followed by a brief melotron string line ....and full-fidelity drums on the verses. Sounds a bit like Dido to me. It's a bit haunting and repetitive. It goes:

Bye Bye Baby,
Don't be long,
I worry about you
While you're gone.


I think of you in my dreams
You'll never know just what you mean to me, to meee

Oooo, bah bah da, Ooo, Bah bah dum

Bye Bye Baby (repeat)

Anyone know this song title or Artist?
Help! :unsure:
I haven't seen 4400 but that song is "Worry About You" by Ivy. It was also used as the opening credits song for the show Kingdom Hospital. The opening credits part was alot cooler/creepier/better than the actual show.
Hi everyone, I've just finished watching The 4400 series (which I strongly recommend) and I think the soundtrack was amazing, so I'm trying to find out some band names and artist.
In this case I wanna know the name of the band that plays a hiphop/new metal song in the scene where Carl Morrissey gets up in the middle of the night and goes to the park to fix things up. In that scene he also saves some girl that is about to be rapped. Does anybody know that band?

It'd be great if they release a soundtracks cd...

Thanks in advance, I hope someone knows.
Never mind, got it. The band is Insolence, and the song's called "Poison Well".
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looking for a song from a new series on Space called the 4400, tried to google the lyrics but couldnt find it;

Bye Bye Baby
Don't Be Long
I worry about you
While your gone

verse 1:
i think of you
in my dreams
you never know
just what you mean
to me

verse 2:
i think of you
night and day
i never know
just what you meant
to say

There was a song played during the final scenes in the season premiere of The 4400. Does anyone know who the band and what the name of the song is?


EDIT: After some searching, Ive found the answer to my question:

Song: Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile
Artist: Bedroom Walls

Thanks, again.
hello. does anyone know who songs the 4400 theme song in teh begining of every show? ??
On tonights episode.., which I assume is a rerun. At the very end there is this song.. all i got from it was.. someting somethign and I bleed with you. It's a guy

Anyone know where I can find it.. or what song it is?
Um, I don't know which episode you're talking about, if you can tell me what happened, I can go look. Since I don't have cable, I've got all the episodes on tape, seeing as I haven't returned them yet. ;)

The only song I can think of that has lyrics like that is Saliva - Bleed for Me
It goes:
You bleed for me and I didn't get to notice you
Now I'm stuck out on a line
Bleed for me, I didn't get to be with you
Now you're stuck in my mind
Ok it's the one where Jordan died, I think? Billy Campbell's character. And it's at the very end. They show a girl going inot some mans office and everyone looks at her and someone closes the door. And the guy throws a bag in the river
In Season two of The 4400, they incoporated an intro explaining what had happened to the 4400s during the 1st season. While this is being seen a piece of music can be heard in the backround...What is the composers name and the title of the song?

Hello, I did a search on this forum to make sure there were no previous posts about this. :)

Anyway, I recently started watching the show and before every episode there is a little mini description of the show, and it has some really good music. I was wondering if anyone knew who made it and what it was called. Thanks

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I found this at, hope this answers your question.

Main title theme song composed and performed by Bosshouse.
© Viacom Music Inc All rights reserved (BMI
Thanks for your help, but sadly that's just the theme song to the show, not the song I'm talking about.
In the most recent episode, near the end a song starts.

It says something like "This is strange and untrue, but i won't waste a minute without you..."

I cant hear the rest. Anyone have an idea of who sings it?

Have NOT seen the ep, so ...

Did some Googling for ya ... going by some of the lyrics you provided ...

Possibly ...

Snow Patrol - "Open Your Eyes" ???

I dunno ...
Right or wrong ...
There you go.