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Hi there, looking for artist/title info on the music for a Texaco commercial I've seen on both VH1 and A&E. The commercial shows a guy driving down a road and encountering various points in the history of Texaco. The background music is electronic with samples and changes slightly with each decade change. Any input is appreciated!
this is such brilliant music...i'm starting to think it was custom-composed for the commercial. any news?
I have seen a Texaco commercial where it is Texaco through the ages, ie past, present, and future. I read an earlier thread that tried to find the song name and failed, but it was about a month ago. So if anyone could help me out, that would be great, because' it's a really great song. Thanks in advance!
I'm afraid you're right...

Thank you for taking the time to contact ChevronTexaco about Texaco advertising. The music for that advertisement was created in-house and there are no plans for a consumer release at this time. We appreciate your comments about our advertising and have forwarded them to the appropriate department for review.

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