Telus parrots


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Hey, I'm pretty sure its the latest telus commercial here in BC, it has a bunch of parrots and its kinda like you're looking at them through a kelidoscope (sp?). The song has a bit with some trumpets or synthisizer or something. Anyone know what the song is?
Wow, I just saw this, and wanted to ask the same thing. All this company's ads are impeccable, but this one is above the rest. I'm looking to contact Telus about their advert, but can't find the appropriate department to contact. If anyone knows the tune...?
Ya just saw this ad recently as well. Really would like to know the song. Hope Telus replies to your inquiry.
Still trying to get through to them, I now know its for the DSL internet... But there was something wrong with my last email, so I have to find time to try again. Still hoping someone in here know what we're talking about, and knows the song.
hi, new here...... well i stop dead in my tracks whenever this commercial comes on, the tune is really cool. i found out through telus's site that the song used in this commercial is done by: Dandy Warhols and the song id called Godless.

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Thanks mate. The Telus version is obviously a very modified one, the trumpet part is very much enhanced and all the treble is improved. On the other hand, it still the same rocking track.