Techno song with a "it's getting kind of hectic"


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It's doesn't sound anything like Snap's song, though I THINK that "it's getting, it's getting, it's getting kind of hectic" is somewhere in the song.

I know there's a part in the song that goes:, do-do...dodo dodo, do-do...dodo dodo dodo...
and it sort of loops like that.

Sorry if my description didnt help at all.
Thanks in advance if you can tell me what song this is.
I was able to locate two possibilities for you. Be aware that they are only guesses, and the first answer is long, and kinda confusing.

There's a rare song by The Prodigy called "Voodoo Beats." Unfortunately, there are no samples of this song available anywhere. This "Voodoo Beats" is a remix of their "Voodoo People [Chemical Brother's Mix]."

You follow that?
Prodigy made the original, Chemical Brother's remixed it, then Prodigy re-made the Chemical Brother's mix.

How does this tie in to your question?
On the official Prodigy website, it claims "Voodoo Beats" sampled "Let The Words Flow" by Chill Rob G.

What does that mean?
Well, when Snap recorded "The Power" they lifted/sampled "it's getting kinda hectic" from the Chill Rob G song, and were later sued for copyright infringement. So, the "it's getting kinda hectic" sample you heard may be from this guy's song rather than from Snap.

Guess 1: To make a long story short, first guess is "Voodoo Beats" by Prodigy.

Guess 2: There is a German band called H-Blockx (Feat. Turbo B ). They sing a song called "Power." Clicking the band name will take you to a website where you can watch a video for the song. However, it seems to be more of a rock remake than a techno song.

Hope some of this helps! :peace:
Thank you!
I was working on it for over an hour...I wanted to help a bruvah out if I could! :nerd:

Now it's :zzz: time...
Those are good songs...but neither of those are it.

How about we drop the whole Snap! sample idea...and go with my poor recreation of some hook that I remember.

I think I heard it on MTV's Cribs once, but then they use a lot of that doesn't really help that much.
it's Prodigy's "Baby's Got a Temper"

I finally found out what this miserable song after hearing it on one of the "Ultraviolet" trailers.