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There's this commercial for Target that plays on either Fuse or MTV of this guy playing guitar onstage in a sort of red tint. Any information at all? Looking for maybe a picture or video.
aww yes, i love this ad! i think i tried contacting target about it but i dont think i got anywhere with it...
does it have something to do with the oddsagainstseven thing they are doing??
yeah I'm curious about that oddsagainstseven commercial...who sings that song? and what is that commercial advertising?
Originally posted by spaniard@Aug 19 2005, 02:13 PM
yeah I'm curious about that oddsagainstseven commercial...who sings that song? and what is that commercial advertising?
The song is 'Steve Nix' by The Hold Steady
All I can gather from the website is that it's a bunch of short films geared towards promoting "indie" music, namely the Pitchfork artists and bandds.
...Just like Garden State, only not a full-length film.
If you want a film geared towards promoting a certain type of music, I highly reccomend Movern Callar. To me, this is the "Garden State" that worked. The film is all's an aesthetic film with an incredible soundtrack. Garden State is trying to be an aesthetic film with a really ditzy free thinker (Portman) and by promoting "type B" independent artists through, in my opinion, some of the worst selections of their work.
Anyway, Odds Against Seven has the same concept as Garden State...only they're being a little more direct about it.
nah thats not the one...I'm talking about that teaser-trailer TV spot where it just says "" on a black background
While I agree with you what Target is doing, Garden State was not written or put into production to promote artists.

You'll notice most of the songs in Garden State were used on Scrubs before Garden State was produced. Including the Shins, which people assume were only used for promotional efforts in the Doctors office. One of the same songs from Garden State from the Shins was on the Scrubs soundtrack.

Braff just wisely chose indie artists to help keep the costs down. He has said that when he sent the script around he included a cd with the songs in order that they appear in the script.

Had Garden State been an artists promotional tool, the music would have been altered from the script to ones that Fox Searchlight would have negotiated money to promote.
hmm, all right
That is good to know.
I know I sounded somewhat hostile and incredibly opinionated in my post, and I apologize.
All I really know is the reaction that people had to the movie Garden State, at least in my general demographics, and that was a reaction of great awe for the soundtrack. So many people thought that the music on it was the only music of it's type, and I guess since I'm huge into avant-garde and really rare just frustrated me to see people exclaiming something as unique and "cutting edge" that I consider almost...main-stream. It's like if a person mentions one artist, I can basically predict a series of other artists that they like...a category that I call "Pitchfork music," due to the Pitchfork zine. (
I don't actually know anything about Scrubs. That's a show, right? I guess I'll investigate and gear my frustration towards that instead.
Thanks. :)

I work for Target Corp. and the purporse of the Odds Against 7even website is to target College kids and get them interested in going to Target to buy stuff to furnish their apartment, dorm room, etc. It's a reality series featuring College Kids and it's only aired on the internet.

Not sure how you are pulling Garden State into this??