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Need help finding out the song in this spot.

Spot is a holiday commercial for Target. It features children on a sofa in what's probably a red room (I say probably because at work, I don't get a color display of the commercials...or full video). They come up to the camera and show off their Christmas gifts. Some kids are holding dolls, one child stands there with a dog that has antlers on his head. As is the case with most Target ads, this one doesn't sell anything in particular.

Music, to me, screams '80s. Very electronic. Male vocals. One of my co-workers thinks it's a bad imitation of the Cars or The Cure, but we know it's not either one of those bands.

Yo guys,

what's up I'm new and I was looking for the name of the song that is playing in the newest Target commercial with all of the kids holding toys and jumping around like crazy monkeys. I really couldn't make out the lyrics but I think they keep saying "New Toys" Song definitely sounds 80s as hell any help would be appreciated. Late
Originally posted by michelle@Nov 16 2003, 11:10 AM
It's Lene Lovich, "New Toy" and can be found on the "Flex... Plus" album.
Thank you so much Michelle. This is my first time on the site and I am so excited to find it right away. I was certain it was the Cars. Surprised to find someone from today that sounds like yesterday! She's the bomb! I am crazy about this song. :D :D

From 1981. I knew she was the Cars! "Flex... Plus" is out of print!
Actually, she is from yesterday. :) New Toy was released in on the Flex...Plus cd which was released originally in 1980 and is now out of print. She does have a "Best of" cd and the song may be on that cd.

Good point... the CD I previously linked to is no longer available, and the song is on the "Best of..." album, although it's an import through Amazon.
In an email back from her site they tell me that Thomas Dolby wrote that song. She's not that interested that it's a hit now because Thomas Dolby wrote it they implied. :lol:

My guess is that the male voice joining her in the refrain is that of Thomas'.
Target toys

I have been searching for a while for the Target toys commercial song with all the kids bouncing around. I ahve heard its devo but cant find it. please end my despair!!!!! :wacko:
Thomas Dolby played keyboards on "New Toy," but I believe the male voice on the refrain is that of Les Chappell, Lene Lovich's musical and life partner.

"New Toy" also exists in the form of a 12" EP single (b/w "Cat's Away") on Stiff Records (1981).... been out of print for years, but I was very fortunate to have bought a copy back when it was released.

Anyway, it's great to hear Lene on the television in 2003! Who would ever have thought? Maybe there is a Santa Claus....

- Randy

PS - I love this site! Just stumbled upon it today.