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anybody knows who's singing in one of the Target new Christmas TV ads? The ad is titled getmixing, he sings in spanish, and he says something like "canto al amor...." :huh:
I think the song you're looking for is "Feliz Navidad" but I'm not sure who sings that version.
the flamenco one, sung in spanish, that sounds like alejandro sanz, is by someone called john margolis?! are you sure you're talking about the same ad? just double checking.
Originally posted by MartiniDiva@Nov 11 2004, 12:35 PM
The "getmixing" Target commercial song you inquired about,
is sung by a dear friend of mine, his name is John Margolis.

Hi there I work for Target Corporation at their headquarters in Minneapolis. The music in the latin version of Target's holiday commercial is NOT by John Margolis. It is Alejandro Sans.

The other Target commercials for the holiday season contatin the following artists:

- Twista (the young boys commercial)
- Simple Plan (the one with the family running around outside in the snow)
- Jamie Cullen (spelling?, I think his is the one where they are all dancing around and everything is red)
- Gretchen Wilson (country singer, The girls commercial)

Any other questions just ask.

Martini Diva, his name is spelled "Sanz" and you will NOT be disappointed!!!! B)
Thanks again ~ Bluestate!

I will pick up a Alejandro Sanz CD on my next whirl to the music store.

Everyone's seen this, always runs right after the one with the fast "Joy to the World" and it's got a bunch of people dancing around a green and chrome kitchen. I've tried looking it up but can only catch little snatches like "canto los niños, "celebrar," and something about "amor" at the end.
I think the song you're talking about is "Feliz Navidad."
does anyone know the name of the song sung by Alejandro Sanz in this commercial ? Thanks.